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Here's a peek at the future:

We are a well-positioned, late stage start-up in the global iGaming space

Avantage Entertainment has developed a highly immersive and engaging style of online gaming that features live entertainment, dynamic odds, new forms of game options and patented gameplay.

Soon to debut is Avantage’s initial product offering, Avantage Baccarat, a social only baccarat experience where remote players will watch a streamed baccarat game and be able to play-along and compete for "bragging rights"/status on leaderboards against others around the world.

The Avantage Baccarat Social 1.0 launch features:

  • Play-along capability with 5 hands from our TV/streaming pilot episode
  • 5 player matchups around the table that plays can be made on
  • Up to 5 rounds of competition per hand
  • More options per player and bank
  • Dynamic odds with the turn of the cards

Supporting this and subsequent Avantage social games in the pipeline is our proprietary competition engine - ACE - which will bring player engagement and retention to the next level.

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Avantage Competition Engine

Our patented global Competition Platform enables:

Single-level tournaments where players can compete against other players around the world

Multi-level tournaments where players can win their way up to games with greater points

Targeted tournaments and leagues that fully leverage affinities and desire to challenge/compete 

Challenges and social competitions

Leadership Team

Susan Wade


Marcus Katz

Founder, Chairman

Amanda Beloy


Marieanne Carmody Weir


Neil de Lima

David Gunther



Are you game to join the team and get in on the action?

Avantage Entertainment offers exciting and competitive remote employment opportunities. If you're looking to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment apply below:

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